Hospital On Wheels

“Oh God, please grant me a mind that is simple but full of wisdom, a heart that is firm but full of compassion, and hands that are strong yet soft when touching others’ lives.” – JPS

When you think of health care, you usually imagine big and fancy buildings with a lot of advanced medical technology. But the truth is that good health care doesn’t have to be complicated.

Hospital on Wheels is a mobile healthcare service providing free medical assistance to families living in areas all over the Philippines. It is the brainchild of Dr. Jim Sanchez, who felt burdened by seeing too many patients in underserved communities, knowing that each one might never receive the medical attention they need. 

Hospital on Wheels aims to cater to conditions such as goiter, hernia, cleft palate, and tumors. And it’s not just about providing treatment; it’s also about empowering patients with knowledge so they can take care of themselves after they leave the van.

The first bus was assembled at a Volvo plant in Subic and fully operational by January 2018. The first medical mission occurred at ABS CBN Road and was televised on national television in the Philippines. Botikapamilya was also launched—giving out free medicines to those in need around Metro Manila.

The mission aims to reach more and more provinces in the Philippines where healthcare is most needed! 

Watch the video below to see our dedicated and hardworking doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, and volunteers on the field!